Paimentolaiselämä EP

1 min read

Me and my bandmates recently released our first collection of songs.

I started to play guitar in 2006. Couple of years after electric bass followed. Many of my friends were heavily into music and most of them played some instrument. I had couple of casual sort-of-bands around that time (at least we played together often). Nothing concrete came out of that. About three years ago I started to practice with two of my friends, with whom I had been nerding out about music almost everytime we met.

Our musical style is a loose mix of garage rock, 90s indie, punk and post-punk. I play bass. We have kept it pretty casual with practice frequency and ambition. That's why we are now releasing our first EP.

This release is a big deal for me. We recorded everything ourselves with great fidelity. It sounds great. CDBaby provided us with a universal barcode and royalty management setup - awesome.

You can listen to the EP in major steaming services (widgets below). The EP is also available in Bandcamp and Soundcloud.