Articles explore a certain topic in depth. The topics are inspired by experiences from professional work, or by personal interests (e.g. travel, music).

  1. Take control of unexpected data at runtime with TypeScript

    17 min read

    Learn how to use TypeScript type definitions to get better guarantees for runtime safety.

  2. You should travel to Albania!

    16 min read

    A brief guide to travel in Southern Albania from personal experience.

  3. Five years at Valuemotive

    15 min read

    Looking back at my career progression from a junior front-end developer into a software architect and HR rep at Valuemotive.

  4. Union types in TypeScript: modeling state

    8 min read

    Get familiar with union types in TypeScript with practical examples. You will get rid of of complex and buggy boolean logic by using union types to model the state of your application. Your colleagues will thank you later.


I occasionally write articles for third parties. Find them below.
  1. “I want to host a meetup”
  2. Hobby project spotlight: “vetovoima”